Portfolio : Chris Marshall

Portfolio : Chris Marshall

free7 le 13 juillet 2013

Garrett Reynolds, Boston (Ma)

Chris Marshall fait partie de la nouvelle génération des photographes ricains qui commencent à se faire un nom. Lié dès le début avec ses potes de Tom's River dont un certain Garrett Reynolds (il avait fait l'interview dans un soul il y a pas si longtemps), depuis il a suivi l'évolution du crew Deadline et continué à progresser. Il était temps de faire un petit point avec lui et montrer celui ci, et on peut dire qu'il nous a régalé dans la sélection de ses photos, voyez la galerie ci dessous qui lui est consacré avec une ribambelle de gars pas connus qui samusent sur des spots typiques East Coast. Et pour les plus curieux et anglophone, une interview vous attend dans la suite.

First of all, could you introduce you: who are you? How old are you? Where are you from?
My names Chris Marshall, I’m 28 years young and I’m from New Jersey.

When did you start shooting photos? Did you study it at college or did you learn everything by yourself?
I got interested in taking photos when I was about 20. My first Camera was a 35 mm Cannon that I shot only black and white on when I took a Photo class at this community college. Around that time my photo professor (and art Director) was this woman Donna Stackhouse and she basically told me I should never do photography. I couldn’t believe she would say that! So I dropped that shit and went on my own. I sold my film camera so I could buy a Nikon d70 and picked up some shitty speed lights and started trying to learn lighting by looking at photos in the mag. Then came learning photoshop. I had some help along the way though. Jeff Z was the first person to ever give me any helpful tips about shooting and gear. I still got the same 622’s that he recommended to get 7 years ago. Those things are durable as fuck! I had one get hit by a drunk driver once going 40, and the shit still worked after.

Brandon Kitson, Cancan, Philly (Pa)

What is your oldest souvenir about taking pictures?
I have some Trinkets from road trips over the years. I have a piece of the floor from Ramblas in Barcelona, Spain. I don’t know where it is but its somewhere lol. That ones prob the oldest. Other then that the photos I take are usually souvenirs enough for me.

Steve Kulischenko, hop to smith, New Jersey

When did you start to shoot with pro BMX riders? How did it happen?
I don’t even know how it really happened. I would always just meet different people at Hackettstown Skate park (R.IP), going on trips out of state for fun, and my boy Wade Young was filming for Shook.  Living where I Live is a huge factor too. There’s so many people that shred. My first photo in a mag was of Mike Spinner doing a 360 turndown on a 4 stair in the reader section of RideBMX. From there I just started submitting to all the different mags and online outlets.

Mikey Kleissler, bonk Gap to baboum 

What are the best parts of your job working with so many good riders? 
I don’t really care how good a rider is at riding. I care more about their personalities off and on the bike and that they show love for BMX. That also makes my “job” easier for me. Almost everyone I shoot with is my good friend. So I guess the best part of my job is hanging out with my friends or meeting new people that are dope individuals and have good outlooks on shit.

What are the difficulties: get worried to miss one big trick, worried to not push the button at the right time, worried to see the rider fall? In general what are the pros and the conThose are all the top cons with someone falling being the number one. That shit makes me feel horrible for real. The Pros of shooting usually outweigh all the stress I put on myself to get it right. At the same time when I don’t get it right that stress eats at me even harder lol.

Dan Bob, icepick kinké, Wilmington (De)

What gears do you have? What gears do you bring with you when you go out to shoot BMX? Do you like to have everything with you or do you prefer to bring only the one you are sure to use?
I shoot with a Nikon d3s, 2 Sunpak 622’s, a quantum Q, and about ten different tripods and light stands. When I go out I usually have my car near by so I don’t have to go crazy with luggin stuff around. The car is huge boon too. Having one thing that can get you and your friends around, store all your bulky shit, tools and charge up your gear is to convenient for me. I get shit for driving it all the time too.

If you could buy 3 news things related to photography right now, what would you buy?
Well the dream set up would be a Hasselblad h3 but who has the loot for that besides Playboy? If I were to buy something realistic, I would probably get a Q and/0r a ring flash. But I should prob get a new camera bag first because its 6 years old and has mad holes in it.

Mike Swift, Pole jam to wall, West Chester (pa)

With which crew do you like the most to hang out?
Deadline would be The Crew for me, but its way more then that. We’ve all been friends for so long that we’re really all family to each other now.  Half of us live a country away from each other but when we all meet up the fun and mayhem really comes together. If I were to pick the 2 crews I ride with the most though it would be the L.F.S crew from NJ and the Chocolate truck dudes from Philly. They’re all my good homies too but Deadline is the Fam to the end.

Royal Canin

What was the craziest situation you have faced during shooting BMX?
I don't know why but especially on Deadline trips, shit happens. So many crazy things you see on the road while traveling it’s hard to narrow down the craziest. One time when we were driving through Georgia we saw a dead dude hanging out his window parked on the side of the highway, that was pretty wild.  In terms of something I had to deal with, I was on a trip to Miami a couple years ago with Deadline and some crazy security guard pulled his gun out on all us and started flailing around with it in the air. Not trying to sound tuff but he was def more scared of us then us of him with his gun. Strait whylin. Nothing really happened though. He pulled his 9, we called him a pussy, then dipped before back up came.

Sean Ricany, Woodbridge (Nj)

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 20 years? 30 years?
Probably dead or close to it with the way things are going in the world hahaha.  I plan for the future as best I can, but realistically I think trying to plan out too much stuff is just pointless. There’s always going to be some unforeseen variable that comes and fucks up your carefully formulated plan. So I just try to live everyday as it comes, go with the flow type shit.


What about filming?
When I was younger, filming was the first avenue of media that I was into. I loved it. Filming my friends riding and doing dumb shit was so dope to me. Once I got my SLR though I gave it up completely. My current setup allows me to film and shoot if need be but I still just stick to photos except for when I come across some stupid asshole trying to kick us out or something. Then the video switch gets flipped.

Pat Quinn, Smith the future

If you could choose only one, what will it be?
-Canon or Nikon? Nikon all day
-Day shooting or night shooting? Day shooting for sequences. Night shooting for singles and general fun.
-Flash or sunlight? Flash if you want the best outcome.
-Street or trail? Give me dem Streets
-Flat or vert? Matt Hoffman                                                                     
-Race or park? …. Street lol
-Fish eye or 50mm? Fisheye for riding, 50mm for portraits
-Unplanned photo shooting on road trip or scheduled photo shooting? It’s nice to know you’re going to something that someone wants to do but finding something new on a trip and shooting it is far more rewarding in a lot of ways to me.
-Garrett Reynolds or Sean Burns? No one likes Snitches… So Garrett.
-Matthias Dandois or Yohei "Ucchie" Uchino? I don’t know enough to answer this question reliably but both of them kill it!
-Coco Zurita or Jamie Bestwick?  If Hoffman is the god of Vert, Bestwick would be Jesus. 

Kevin Vannauker, toothpick over, Philadelphia (pa)